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How to Choose the PERFECT Wedding Hairstyle!

You've flipped through dozens of wedding magazines, visited endless bridal boutiques and finally found IT. THE DRESS!  Now, to top the cake with icing, it's time to find your crowning glory for your wedding day look, your bridal hairstyle!  There are so many factors that go into choosing the perfect… [more]


Five Tips for Seamless Seating Arrangements

With experience coordinating more than 100 weddings, I’ve become accustomed to the hiccups that can happen on the bride and groom’s big day. While the majority of weddings run smoothly, there are typically one or two to-do items that get overlooked. The biggest one I encounter is the seating arrangements—or… [more]


You Are Welcome!

As you continue to choose all of the details for your special wedding celebration, don’t forget to welcome your guests in the proper way. Many will be traveling long distances and perhaps even using their vacation time to be there for you. The expense of flights, hotel accommodations (and even… [more]


How to Select a Wedding Venue |

One of the most important decisions to be made when planning a big event is selecting the right venue, since this sets the atmosphere and tone for the entire event. Whether you are planning a huge, grand event or a private party, there are many other variables to take into… [more]


Ceremony Preparation: The “I Do’s”

He pops the big question, and you say yes! After sharing the news with your family and friends, what is your next instinct? Many recent brides would declare gown shopping first, reception venue second…and the list goes on and on. In the midst of planning for the ‘party’, many couples… [more]


9 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Day Transportation

In 2004, siblings Ken and Kristie Carter decided to start a limousine business. Both very young at the time – Ken 23 and Kristie 17 – they did not know what the outcome would be, but thought it was worth a try. They started with one limousine in the driveway… [more]


Wedding Florist 101

On your wedding day, all eyes will be focused on the happy couple, but there are many planning details that go into creating the overall look of your special day. Your florist can play an essential role in creating your bridal party style as well as the ambiance of your… [more]


Connecting with your Photographer

When hiring a photographer, the connection you feel with them is key in order to receive fantastic photos. If you’re looking for personal, artistic, and unique imagery then being able to relate and develop a great working relationship with your photographer will put you more at ease in front of… [more]


Tackling Your Wedding Day Timeline

The timeline is something many brides become anxious about…and for good reason.  It is the key to a good flow for the day.   Everyone has been to a wedding where there was an “awkward” moment…and things just didn’t seem to move seamlessly.  A good timeline will prevent this and… [more]


Wedding Prints & Books: Family Heirlooms

It wasn't long ago that Dean and I were planning our own wedding and it was very important to me to make our families love stories part of our day. We were both lucky to have parents and grandparents whose love for each other showed us how to love ourselves,… [more]