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April 13, 2018

Many couples today are seeking out videographers to capture their wedding day so that people can watch it for years to come. Trace Engbrecht is a videographer whose work encompasses that romantic vibe and charming style that brides are seeking. His skill has not only made him a magnet for many area brides, it is sure to bring some tears to your eyes!

Read on to hear from Trace himself on why he can capture those once-in-a-lifetime memories! 


Mariah and Brian Pluimer Wedding Review from Trace Engbrecht on Vimeo.


Please tell us a little more about your business. 

"I started my video production company a year ago after working at a large church for 4 years in high school. I decided to quit that job to focus 100% on following my dreams."



"We offer some of the best prices for wedding videography in the area. I am always trying new ideas to become more creative and make better products."


Kenny and Carlie Bearss from Trace Engbrecht on Vimeo.

What inspires you as a videographer?

"I get inspired by watching some of the best videographers in the world to see what they create. Seeing other people create incredible videos makes me want to get even better than I am."


What is your favorite part about filming weddings?

"My favorite part about filming weddings is seeing everyone having a great time and being able to capture those moments!"


Mr and Mrs Jennings Highlights from Trace Engbrecht on Vimeo.



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