Where to Tie the Knot in Southwest Michigan

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February 12, 2018

Many couples dream of having a wedding reception that ends with them dancing under the stars. This dream is often sought after because of the intimate, cozy moment it creates between new spouses. Only some venues can make this dream come true, though. And one venue that can certainly set the starry scene is Tying the Knot Weddings and Events, tucked away in Southwestern Michigan. This outdoor, country venue is perfect for those ethereal, nighttime wedding moments. Read on to hear about the three elements that make Tying the Knot Weddings and Events the touchstone for starry night receptions. 


Tying the Knot, located in Niles, Michigan, is less than five minutes from downtown. This means that the venue boasts enough space (10 acres) for any ceremony, large or small. Its atmosphere also makes for a whimsical celebration as it is outfitted with a beautiful, white gazebo—ideal for gazing at the sunset with your new spouse. Tying the Knot also offers carriage rides in a gorgeous one-horse carriage—a feature that truly turns any wedding into a fairytale. Besides being a dreamy spot, Tying the Knot also features a newly renovated chapel and bridal suite, which means that you will only need one venue for the whole day. From getting ready for the ceremony and reception—they have you covered. 


Owned and operated by Diana and Frank, Tying the Knot has the personal service that every couple is seeking. They work with you every step of the way from showing you their venue and booking your date, to all the details in between. At Tying the Knot, you won't work with someone new when booking the wedding or have to ask strangers questions about the facility on your wedding day—Diana and Frank are there for you, helping with everything, even the set-up and tearing down of your wedding. They also include tables, chairs, the dance floor and more into your wedding package. Diana says, "They tell us what they want, and they are going to have it. That is our goal. We do this because we want every bride to have an enchanted wedding, but not have to spend a fortune. Every girl deserves that enchanted wedding. That is why we do everything that we do." 



Tying the Knot Weddings and Events wants to be part of your once-in-a-lifetime day. Their venue is designed to create unforgettable memories. Whether it's the swing that hangs off a gorgeous wild cherry tree for you and your guests to enjoy or the breathtaking rustic design of their chapel, you can achieve a truly ethereal vibe for your ceremony. In addition to that, their carriage is not only available for you, but also for your guests to enjoy. Even the dance floor is covered with thousands of white lights—creating an ethereal scene for your first dance as newlyweds. The venue also features a white wedding tent, Grand Piano waterfall and the bridal changing cabin. All of these aspects add up to one very enchanting place to create endless special moments. As an extra special touch, Diana and Frank invite you back on your one year anniversary and serve you dinner in the gazebo, giving their couples a chance to reminisce. Diana says, "The most important person in your life is your partner, and as time goes by we sometimes forget that, so we do this to help remind them."


Tying the Knot is a dream venue. From a country atmosphere, convenient location, personal service and endless perks, this venue is ideal and affordable. Don't miss your chance to have your wedding at this Southwest Michigan hideaway, where everything you could imagine comes true. 




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