4 Questions to Ask About Your Audience

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Jenna Nelson
April 18, 2016

It's not difficult to determine who your target market is in the wedding industry. For the majority of you, your target are couples who are planning their wedding. For some, you specifically market to the bride and for others, you zero in on the groom and his needs. With that in mind, you may think that you have a solid grasp on who your audience is. Knowing gender, age demographics, the geographic reach and general consumer behavior is an intelligent start, but going beyond will prove to be tremendously beneficial.


Who are they?

As previously discussed, it's not enough to know gender, age and relationship status. What does your audience like? What do they dislike? How spontaneous is their decision making? Where do they get their information? What do they value? Answering questions like these helps to create a target persona. A target persona are the customers you'd like to attract. The persona focuses on the needs, buying process and challenges of those customers. Your job is to figure out how to meet those needs, become a part of that buying process and eliminate those challenges. And you cannot do that until you know who these people are and have answered those questions.


Where are they?

You may have nailed down your geographical territory and determined how far of a distance you'd like your business to reach, but technology proposes a new “where is my audience?” question. It's now just as important to find out where your audience is looking for you. And it's likely that they are looking for you online. The question becomes a matter of where online? Website, social media, bridal blogs, Pinterest, in their inbox? Wherever they are, you need to be there, too.


Who influences them?

This is especially important in the bridal market. Who dictates the style and trends for your audience? What impacts their preferences, style, and ultimately, their decisions? Peers? Vendors? Bridal blogs? Pinterest? Finding out who matters to your audience helps you find out who matters to you!


What is their goal?

As a wedding vendor, you need to ask this question to your couples: what are the most important things about your wedding besides marrying your significant other? Is it saving money? Is it impressing your guests? Is it making sure everyone has a good time? Is it about staying traditional or personalization? Is it about designing a wedding that speaks to who you are as a couple? You cannot help people plan their wedding if you don't know what they want.




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