Partnering with WeddingDay Magazine

Are you looking to increase your business? Do you want your brand to reach more brides? WeddingDay is here to help you accomplish those goals through an exclusive partnership. At WeddingDay you are more than an advertiser—you are a partner. Your marketing strategy should combine print, digital and social media tactics. WeddingDay utilizes all three of these platforms to help promote your brand to our niche, Midwest market.


By partnering with WeddingDay, you have the opportunity to:

  • Submit style shoots to guide the trends and display your talent
  • Submit featured weddings to us that you collaborated on. You already did the work, now let us show you off!
  • Participate in our magazine cover shoots and exclusive style shoots
  • Utilize our established platforms to promote your business.

  • Work with us to develop custom content for your business.
  • Author guest blogs about your area of expertise.


Whether your talent or advice is displayed in the magazine or online—thousands of people will see it. All of our content is shared on social media. Oh, and we have over 23,000 followers on our social media channels. How do we know thousands of people will see your stuff? We know because we have this lovely little analytics system that says so.

Still not convinced? Read more about our audience, reach and engagement here!

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