Does Snapchat Make Sense for Your Business?

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Jenna Nelson
August 17, 2016

You're finally getting a handle on the business ethics and practices on Facebook, you have finally accumulated a decent following on Instagram, and you've managed to keep up with your Tweets. When you finally have a grasp on your social media presence, your audience jumps ship on their social platform and suddenly, what was hot is not and what was once just another app for picture messaging is now a recommended part of the social strategy. Yikes. We're referring to Snapchat, the latest rage of high schoolers, college kids, millennials, young professionals, and pretty much anyone under the age of 40. But before you stress out and run to your app store, take a deep breath and let's assess if Snapchat will even benefit your brand at all.

First, we should point out that there are approximately 200 million active users a day on Snapchat (according to I can almost promise you that the majority of the couples you're working with use Snapchat. Unlike the other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram where you put the best of your business and the final product on display, Snapchat is a more intimate, transparent, sneak peek platform. For those of you who are unfamiliar with the app, it allows users to post brief photos that disappear or short videos that also disappear. Users can create stories using a series of photos or videos. These series of "snaps" turn into a story narrative which is great for brand building. 

What's great about Snapchat is that for those involved in special events, it's a quick and easy way to show your followers the event you're working on. For example, are you a wedding planner? Snapping a series of photos and adding it to your story allows your followers to gain access to a live, behind-the-scenes look at your business in action. Is your team rushing around to finish 100 floral centerpieces for tomorrow's wedding? People love to see that stuff in action!

It's a platform that definitely makes sense for wedding-related businesses, but a word to the wise, it is MUCH more difficult to gain followers than on any of the other platforms. Of course, you can promote your Snapchat handle on Facebook, but Snapchat users can't just click a link and find your page. They have to be proactive and search for your username on the app and request to follow you. 

Snapchat is a free, real-time marketing platform that provides both entertainment and benefits for your company. However, unless you have mastered all the other platforms, I would advise you to wait before venturing into the Snapchat realm. While it's becoming increasingly popular, the other platforms definitely still reign, especially for the wedding industry where images are everything.

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