Five Things You May Not Know About WeddingDay Magazine

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Jenna Nelson
August 17, 2016

WeddingDay has been celebrating its 10-year anniversary this year and part of the celebration has been reflecting on the journey from a print publication to a brand. It has, at times, been a challenge to maintain the relevancy of a print product in a digital world. Many industry experts recommended switching to an all-digital product to avoid the downfall of the print empire. Here at WeddingDay, we couldn't bear the thought of walking away from giving brides the experience of paging through the glossy pages of beautiful weddings with their best friends as they dreamed about their own day. 

So we did what everyone else was doing—we embraced the digital world and dove headfirst into launching an all-inclusive website, a social media strategy and an email marketing program. But we also held on to our print product for dear life. After all, its humble beginnings paved the way to success with our digital product. As much traffic as we see on our website and social media platforms, our brides have never stopped asking for our magazine. They ask for extra copies at our bridal shows, they message us on Facebook wondering when the next issue will be released, they email us to find out if we mail to California. 

With that said, here are a few facts you may or may not have known about WeddingDay Magazine:

  • We have exclusive distribution rights to Bed, Bath and Beyond in southwest Michigan and the entire state of Indiana. That means when couples go to register or shop at Bed, Bath and Beyond (and they almost always do!), they can grab a copy of our magazine.

  • WeddingDay recently initiated a direct mailing program in which all brides that are signed up on our website (we have hundreds!) get a copy of the magazine in their mailbox up until the date of their wedding.


  • The WeddingDay team attends 18 bridal shows around Michigan and Indiana each year—two of which we produce and several others of which we sponsor. Our magazine is handed directly to brides at each one.


  • We publish two editions of the magazine each quarter. One is focused on the vendors, weddings and brides in northern Indiana and southwest Michigan while the other highlights the vendors, weddings and brides in central and southern Indiana. We do that because we've found there's just too much wedding goodness to be contained in one issue!


  • Each issue features a custom cover planned by the WeddingDay team. We create a concept that we know brides are loving lately and bring in the vendors that we're usually obsessing over! Interested in participating? See how you can!

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