Why Your Website Needs to be Mobile Friendly

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Jenna Nelson
June 13, 2016

According to a survey published in USA Today and conducted by Bank of America, 47 percent of adults say they would not survive a day without their smartphone. Two things ranked higher in priority than a smartphone: hygiene and the Internet. Ninety one percent of those surveyed reported that their smartphone is as important as their car and deodorant.

With those findings, it's rather apparent that people in today's society consider their mobile devices to be a life essential. Beyond that, in TheKnot.com's 2016 market research (the research highlights findings from 2015), experts found that the use of smartphones to access wedding-related websites has doubled in the past three years. The survey found that almost nine out of 10 brides use their mobile device to plan their wedding, with 58 percent of those brides searching specifically for wedding vendors on their phone.

If you don't already have a mobile-friendly website, it's time to configure building one into your marketing budget. You may be hesitant due to the costs and labor involved, but developing a website that allows your brides to find you where they are looking for you should be considered an investment. In fact, in today's digital whirlwind, you can't afford not to make this investment. Instead, consider the business you are losing out on when couples can't find you online—or if they do, they don't find a memorable presence due to a website that lacks information or they can't access from their phone.

P.S. Are you hoping to be found when brides search for you on Google? Then you need a mobile-optimized website. Google penalizes websites that fail to meet its standards for mobile friendliness. In other words, it favors mobile-friendly websites above non-mobile websites, allowing those sites to have a better opportunity to show up in search rankings.

Now, if you do have a mobile-friendly website, make sure that the most important information is front and center on each of your pages. This means short headlines, shorter information, beautiful images and a easily clickable call-to-action button. Want brides to contact you for information? Make sure that the button “Contact Me” is easy to find and easy to click. Conversion rates are drastically affected by lack of call to actions.

Having a strong digital presence is a key factor in the success of your wedding business. At WeddingDay, we ask all of our brides how they found their vendors. They reply with variations of blogs, social media, recommendations, reviews and wedding planning websites. 




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