4 Bachelorette Themes You HAVE to Try

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Jenna Nelson
August 25, 2015

When I think of bachelorette parties, so many things come to mind. Not all of those things are 100 percent appropriate, so I will leave the details to your imagination. When one of my bridesmaids approached me to determine whether I wanted to lean toward the direction of a classy bachelorette party or a crazy bachelorette party, I was pretty adamant that I was looking forward to a laid back, classy time with my best girl friends. Plus, I had family members in attendance and some activities should just be left in that dive bar you went to on your 21st birthday....


Anyway, there's no reason why you can't plan something that's crazy and classy at the same time. Classy can be crazy and crazy can be classy. If you're a bridesmaid planning the bachelorette escapade, consider and consult the bride prior to making plans. Just because you are planning the party, does not mean it is your party. I repeat, it is not your party.


While the party doesn't necessarily need a theme, it often adds to the excitement and cohesiveness of the event. From party favors and decorations to dress code and activities, bachelorette party themes can dictate the direction for all of the details.


Lipstick and Lace

Lipstick and lace is kind of self explanatory, but it does provide a lovely indication of the dress code. You can choose an elegant style or go a little crazy with gaudy lace and crazy lipstick! Party favors can include little lipstick samples and don't forget to have guests sign the guest book with their lips!


Sexy in the City

This is a broad theme, but refers to a girls' night out in the city! We have seen some girls choose to turn this into a “Sex and the City” party. And let's be honest, the ladies on “Sex and the City” know how to have a good time. Grab the girls and grab your highest heels, it's time get down in the downtown with a few cosmos!


Bride's Last Ride

Let's not read too much into the name of this one, 'kay? This is a rodeo-, cowgirl-themed hoedown throwdown. When there's an opportunity to wear Daisy Dukes and cowboy boots to a party, you just don't say no, amirite? For an authentic experience, find a bar with a mechanical bull!


Last Sail Before the Veil

Nautical-themed parties are to die for, at least I think so. Think about the outfit possibilities! From navy blue and gold to stripes, and shirts that say “Bridesmates,” seriously, this idea is the cutest. If you live near a river or lake, there are many ships that host private parties or dinners, making it the perfect activity for a themed bachelorette dinner.


Whatever theme you draw inspiration from, have fun with it, be creative, be mindful of the entire group of ladies and stick to your budget! Keep the class, welcome the crazy, and leave the drama at home!

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