Italy Comes to Indy Style Shoot

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May 31, 2018

As a photographer and a planner, Katherine Walton’s vision came to life as she showed that if brides looked hard and used given resources, they could have the romantic and gorgeous look they dreamed of for their wedding day! “I am a big believer in not just settling but being able to accomplish the end goal,” says Katherine. “In Indiana, it is hard to find that romantic coastal or vineyard look, so with this shoot, I was able to find a little, hidden area in Muncie, Indiana that showed off a little bit of a romantic vibe. With their venue and my vision, we were able to show off the elegant side of Indy.”

The location's tall trees were reminiscent of those you might find in Italy and made for an ideal place to hang lights. The vibe Katherine ultimately aimed for was one that was soft and elegant, secluded and romantic and straight out of a movie. Katherine says, “I wanted to incorporate the lights that strung from the trees to dip onto the reception table in hopes for it to look like a summer night, very intimate and having dinner and conversations in the warm glow."

Katherine says of the lace and tulle two piece by WTOO, “The dress helped tie everything together. It was elegant, fun and showed movement.” The bride’s hair was natural, effortless and whimsically swept to the side with loose, curly strands.

“The floral was handcrafted petal by petal,” says Katherine.“ It is actually paper and the designer is amazing. I wanted to do something unique, fun and something that would be an ‘oh my gosh’ response.”

The stationery perfectly represented a mix of modern, simple and elegant design and served as a lovely pairing for the soft and vibrant color palette.

The gold and floral cake and party favors of clear, floral lollipops served as a fun twist.




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