Staying Inspired Amidst the Chaos & Noise

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July 23, 2018

I used to think it was nearly impossible to truly stay inspired as a bride or creative, especially during the most stressful or overwhelming seasons of work or planning a celebration. There are so many ideas out there and others who are working every day to create as well as a thousand things pulling at our attention. It’s an incredible life we are a part of, but it can be more than disheartening when you feel that you are unable to honestly reflect you, your story and your best work during times like these and for others that might even be relying on you!

So, how do we stay fresh, energized...inspired? Turns out that over the last several years, I have learned a few other alternatives to the narrative we so often live. You don’t have to be so bogged down or frozen by too few or too many options or ideas! Here are three of my best suggestions as I am growing in this too:

1. Focus on YOU. 

Some of the people that I look up to most in the creative industry or in life in general don’t really look at other people's work or what they’re doing. Instead they return to their own work and move forward from there. They stay in their own lane, looking at what’s in front of them apart from the rest and ask how they can make it the best it can be...not from the perspective of anyone else or based on what someone else did or does. This is based on YOU and where YOU are at. This quote that one of my teammates reminded me of this week says it perfectly.

"Compare yourself to your yesterday, not to who someone else is today." 

From a bride’s perspective, it can be easy to compare to what you see on Pinterest, at a friend’s wedding or on social media. Same goes for a creative entrepreneur. Be confident in what naturally comes out, and do your best to learn and grow from that! It’s certainly good to learn from others and see things that move us, but real inspiration will really start when we let go of looking at everyone and everything else. 


2. Just “Play.” 

It’s so important to set aside time to allow ourselves to create and dream without the tug of a to-do list, other voices, or other road blocks to our creativity. When you regularly plan ahead to give yourself space alone (or sometimes with a teammate!) to “play” without any rules or boundaries to what you can do, really fresh, beautiful things happen and confidence and inspiration becomes more natural. 

Spend time reminding yourself of all the things that you love to see, touch, smell, hear, be and go from there. Let your mind wander with a blank page. Just write, just draw, just sing, just think...just play. 

3. Rest. 

Although the tug to keep working, planning and moving is very deeply rooted in our culture and in certain seasons of life, make time to rest! If you want to create the space you need to play or focus in on where you are and where you are going, you have to give your mind, heart and body periods of time away from it all. This is insanely uncomfortable for me and for most of us I think, but it’s come back to me a thousand times over as true. Every time I doubt, it’s so true that it would have been better if I rested. I could tell you so many stories, friends! 

You may have heard it before, but you just cannot do your best work or think clearly about plans when you have no fuel left in the tank. That’s what makes wedding and celebration planning so tricky! It is so important to us that this be something that we remember forever, but it seemingly falls often at the busiest of times in life. Don’t let the busy keep you from remembering that, ironically, slowing down and shutting that computer or phone off for the evening or the day or week, will in the long run launch you forward to the best version of yourself, your work, your celebration and your life. 



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