The Groomsman Suit

Being in a wedding is both an honor and an investment. Oftentimes for groomsmen, it’s an investment that leaves them with only memories of their handsome look. Rental options are mostly limited to tuxedos and if you are asked to buy a suit, the average price of that purchase is going to cost you at least $300. There are few, if any, brands that provide quality, affordable suiting options specifically targeted to wedding parties. With thousands of bridal stores in the US, groomsmen deserve at least one vendor that is solely focused on conveniently providing them with wedding wear they can keep.

The Groomsman Suit has designed and manufactured a tuxedo and suit that is priced below the cost of the traditional rental at $179 featuring an updated fit, high quality fabrics and construction, in a solid variety of colors that fit into today’s wedding trends. The TGS brand is unique in that they are focused on only selling men’s wedding wear online.

1820 W. Webster Ave Suite 410
Chicago, IL 60614
Phone Number: 
(773) 303-6006