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West View Florist was established in 1913 in Elkhart, Indiana. For over 100 years, we have been providing generation after generation with outstanding wedding florals & event work. Our highly skilled designers have a combined total of 55 years experience in weddings & events; a wealth of knowledge and experience that we are able to draw upon for your personalized celebration.

Passion runs deep in the floral designer's veins. A passion for art, for beauty, for happiness. We believe all these facets collide in the fascinating world of flowers. Excellent floral work is an art form, used to combine textures, tones, movement, and nature into one cohesive design. It is truly all about the details! Good florals have the ability to compliment your event, while excellent florals are striking enough to stand out to you & your guests during the day's fast paced flow. Excellence is what we pursue, constantly seeking ways to grow as designers, sourcing unique & contemporary flowers, and keeping our passion for beauty alive.

1717 Cassopolis Street
Elkhart, IN 46514
Phone Number: 
(574) 264-3112(574) 264-3112

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