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10 Groom's Looks That Are Oh-So-Handsome

Carri Fras |  March 6, 2017

Ok, so we all know how important finding the dress is, but what about your other half? You know, your main man, your husband-to-be? Let’s not forget that he will pretty much be in all the photos, too!

20 Dogs in Weddings Giving Us Major #PuppyLove

Kaitlyn Smale |  February 27, 2017

They're not called man's best friend for no reason! From the proposal and the engagement photos to the ceremony and reception, we just can't get enough of couples including their fur babies in their special day. So, "sit," "stay" and enjoy this "treat" of 20 dogs making us fall in major #puppylov

The Wedding Story of Jenni Pittman and Drew Levy

Carri Fras |  December 11, 2016

While many people might never consider that their boss may someday become their “partner for life”, for Jenni and Drew Levi, this is their story. As luck would have it, Jennifer met Drew at her first professional interview after college.

20 Bridesmaids that are Giving Us #SquadGoals

Jenna Nelson |  September 15, 2016

Even though the spotlight is on the bride, as it should be, we felt we needed to give a nod to the ladies standing at her side who have had her back long before prince charming was in the picture. Today, we salute the strong women who have stood by loyally throughout the journey to find Mr.

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Our Favorite Instagram Posts 6.10.16

Jenna Nelson |  June 10, 2016

The WeddingDay team has been working hard this week—and by working hard, I mean we've been scrolling through Instagram so we can bring you the latest and greatest from some accomplished vendors. Someone's gotta do it!

Best Gifts for Your Groom

Jenna Nelson |  April 5, 2016

While your groom is certainly getting quite the gift when you become his wife, it doesn't hurt to throw in something a little extra that lets him know your thoughts and heart are still centered on him in the midst of the planning chaos!


8 Ways to Party in Indianapolis for the Bachelorette Party

Jenna Nelson |  March 22, 2016

Bachelorette parties aren't quite what they used to be and I personally, am more than okay with that.

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Our Favorite Instagram Posts 11.13.15

Jenna Nelson |  November 13, 2015

Sometimes the Instagrams that really get to us are creative. Sometimes they are cute. Or neat. And sometimes, they are just downright beautiful. Such is the case with this week's round up of Instagram posts that we chose to post. Beautiful is actually an understatement.

bridesmaids with mismatched dresses

Make Your Bridesmaids Stand Out with Mismatched Dresses

Kathy Jonas |  September 24, 2015

Mismatched bridesmaids dresses are everywhere. But there is an art to the “mismatch.” It’s not like you can announce to all your bridesmaids: “pick your own dress and get back to me.” As in home décor, there’s a lot of planning involved in making something look casual, breezy and a little unplanned.

bridesmaids with bride

Traditional Maid-of-Honor Duties

Jenna Nelson |  September 17, 2015

Congratulations! You have been selected as the maid of honor in your sister's/cousin's/best friend's/college roommate's upcoming wedding! After you have finished celebrating by jumping up and down with the bride-to-be, suddenly, the reality and expectations of all the maid-of-honor responsibilities come crashing down on your parade.