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Easy, Breezy Chic: A Cover Shoot at The Inn at Harbor Shores

Carri Fras |  August 3, 2017

There are truly many different takes on nautical themed weddings these days. From beachy and relaxed to seaside soirees, the sky (or the ocean) is the limit! Here in the Midwest, oceans might be lacking but we have the magnificent Great Lakes in our backyard, and we are happy we do! The beautiful lakeside communities offer some fantastic options for absolutely stunning nuptials. For us, we dreamt of something beach-inspired yet glowingly elegant. The inspirational elements that served to anchor our theme? Hues of blues, watercolor, beachy leaves, a nautical feel and a bit of whimsy.

The Wedding Story of Kim Marciniak-Lopez & Alex Lopez

Carri Fras |  August 2, 2017

It was life-changing experiences as Peace Corps members that set Kim and Alex’s hearts ablaze. Their love story reads much like a sweet, romantic movie. Two young Americans are both spending their formative years in service abroad and, while enduring the emotional ups and downs of their experience, they meet up each weekend. Sharing a mutual love of travel, food and movies, they grow closer and closer.

The Wedding Story of Sarah & Michael McAuliffe

Carri Fras |  August 2, 2017

We all know them. Those stunning weddings that, with so much as a glance, have the power to take your breath away. Sarah and Michael McAuliffe's wedding is certainly one of those. As you ooh and ahh over the fresh flowers, romantic outdoor setting and fine details, you can’t help but wish you had been a guest.

Wedding Color Palette Inspo

Kaitlyn Smale |  August 1, 2017

It’s true. Deciding on your wedding colors can be as difficult as it is fun! With so many gorgeous color combos out there, we thought we’d put together some pretty palettes sure to inspire.

Our Favorite Instagram Posts 7.28.17

Kaitlyn Smale |  July 28, 2017

Happy Friday, loves! We know you're just as excited as we are to kick off the weekend. In preparation, we've gathered five of the dreamiest 'grams we could get our hands on! Because, if anything can get you to five o'clock, it's these pretties!

Wind & Water Style Shoot

Carri Fras |  July 25, 2017

There’s no doubt the state of Michigan has certainly lured many artists and creatives with its romantic beaches, blue waters and endless stretches of beautiful shoreline. For Rhiannon Bosse of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations, it was no different.

Midsummer Wedding Flower Care: A Guide on How to Process and Care for Florals in the Summertime

Alyssa Ferguson |  July 17, 2017

It’s that time of year—when the sun bums are out enjoying the heat, the polar bears are taking shelter in their air conditioned havens and weddings are happening every day of the week!

The Wedding Story of Breanne and Micah Wallace

Carri Fras |  July 12, 2017

Breanne and Micah met as early as high school, and it was on a family vacation to a place generations of Breanne’s family had been visiting that Micah proposed. “We went for a walk on the beach at sunset and he asked me then!” Breanne says. “ It was a perfect day!”

10 Designs From Our 2017 Award-Winning Planner

Carri Fras |  July 6, 2017

We are happy to announce that Ooh La La Events was the event planner behind the gorgeous design and floral vision for the winning tablescape in WeddingDay's 2017 "Most Gorgeous Tablescape" contest—a contest that reached over 69,000 people on Facebook!

The Wedding Story of Hailey and Dustin Drost

Carri Fras |  July 5, 2017

We love how sweet it is when parents play matchmaker. When Hailey met her future father-in-law at the restaurant she worked at part-time, she almost didn't give her number to him when he insisted she would be a great match for his son. But, something drove her to do so (and good thing she did!). Dustin called the very next day and, astonishingly, discovered Hailey lived only five miles down the road. The following day, Hailey went on what she describes as her “last first date, ever.”